About Us - Wedding Cakes

Hiya, and welcome to my site. My name is Eugene Wilkinson and I got started building and designing websites around thirteen years back. Truth be told I am really a garden designer by trade, so the move to building websites was pretty extreme, even so I slipped into it quite easily and nowadays it just seems to be "what I do". To tell the truth I find it an interesting challenge, developing ideas and applying them, now and again endeavoring to generate a bit of revenue out of it and oftentimes just doing it for fun. This specific site is a bit of both.

I'm not sure with regards to yourself, but I have certainly got frustrated by repeated promotions shoved in my face on sites, incessant pop-up windows trying to sell me garbage I wouldn't want and newsletters I will not read, and needing to register or sign in to do anything whatsoever on the majority of current websites, that means my email account is likely to get spammed to death and I am going to need to squander my valuable time every single day eradicating this garbage. I would guess that you feel just the same don't you? Perhaps you'll not feel that way having visited my website.

So, whilst you may notice several adverts on this site, it won't be jammed down your throat, you do not see any pop-ups, you won't be required to register or login and you will certainly not receive any pointless emails or newsletters. This site isn't dynamic hence stuff isn't going to shift around or take forever to load.

Simple, straightforward websites will constantly be my aim, displaying content that is quick loading and which does not feature rubbish that you do not want. Hopefully I have accomplished that with this website or at least you have not been irritated by your visit here, maybe you'll even have got some benefit from the experience. I truly hope so.

I am not a wedding cake designer myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with questions regarding wedding cakes or to obtain quotes for making a wedding cake, the website is designed to advise you about wedding cakes and the procedures to follow to get one for your wedding.

I cannot recommend or endorse any specific service, I've purely indicated a few options for picking one, the choice is in the end yours to make.

I would like to to welcome you here again soon and thank you one more time for visiting.